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You're almost there! Before you go to register online, please read through the following sections as they explain specific actions that need to be completed in order to successfully register for a UCF Connect Orientation.

To attend a regional campus, you have to meet admission requirements, including admission into UCF with an AA or AS degree or having 60+ credit hours. In addition, you can only attend an orientation at a campus if they offer your major. If students meet this requirement, they should proceed as normal.

Please note that Integrated Business majors are required to complete Orientation at the Orlando campus.

Students who do not meet this requirement, but wish to attend an Orientation session must attend a session at the Orlando campus. Please contact UCF Connect for more information.

Choice of Orientation Session

If you plan to attend classes at a UCF Connect location, you will be offered the option of either: an on-campus session or Virtual Orientation. After you have selected an orientation session, please contact your UCF Connect office to schedule an appointment to meet with an Academic Advisor. The university orientation requirements are fulfilled once you have completed either an onsite or virtual orientation, met with your Academic Advisor and completed KnightsPrep. You will then be cleared to register for classes.

On-Campus Orientation

Students who wish to attend an on-site orientation session at a regional campus will need to complete the online reservation form and select a session date for that campus.

Virtual Orientation

Students who choose the Virtual Orientation option must complete the online reservation form and select the Virtual Orientation option for the session date. Processing online reservations takes up to three (3) business days. Once your registration and payment have been processed, you will be emailed instructions on how to access Virtual Orientation and KnightsPrep.

Dates and Cost

Whether you decide to attend an on-site session or complete a Virtual Orientation session, the cost to attend an Orientation session at a regional campus is covered by a one-time fee. Your registration request will be processed only if the $35 orientation fee is received. Please visit our Dates and Costs page and scroll down to the bottom of the page to view up-to-date information for UCF Connect dates and costs.

Online Registration

Please complete the Online Reservation Form by clicking the "Register Online" link below. Space is limited for each Orientation session and reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

You may pay online (which secures your Orientation date faster) or mail in your payment. If you choose to mail your payment, it must be received within five (5) business days in order to complete your Orientation registration. If we do not receive your payment within five (5) business days, you will be removed from your registered Orientation session.

After Registration

Confirmation Packet: Following verification of your reservation and receipt of your fee payment, we will process your request. After processing, students will receive a confirmation email that will outline detailed information about the orientation session chosen. If you have not received your confirmation email the week prior to your scheduled Orientation session, please contact us.

Orientation Checklist: Before attending Orientation, there are some important tasks that should be completed to help make the transition to UCF easier. Review our checklist page and make note of anything left to complete.

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