UCF Orientation Alert:

After considering the unprecedented situation of COVID-19, guidance from the state, and the health and safety of all, the decision was made to move Orientation sessions completely online. 

Learn more about what's happening: https://orientation.ucf.edu/whats_happening/

For more information about refunds, please see our refund policy: https://orientation.ucf.edu/about/refund-policy/

Orientation Campus Partner Updates

FYE strives to provide timely updates to Orientation campus partners. We know this results in lengthy emails where details sometimes get lost. The goal of this site is provide a resource for Orientation updates while allowing FYE to streamline email communication.

Visit our Assessment Showcase to learn about the impact of Orientation over the years.

2020 Orientation

This unprecedented time at UCF and in the country has required careful considerations regarding Orientation for Summer/Fall, and we wanted to provide you an update. Time was spent evaluating guidance from the state, the uncertainty of COVID-19, and what would be best for all involved (students, guests, campus partners, etc.). After thoughtful consideration, all 2020 Summer/Fall Transfer and FTIC Orientations will occur online.

FTIC & Transfer remote Orientation Processes

You can find the 2020 Summer/Fall Orientation dates on the right-hand side under “Quick Links,” for both main campus and UCF Downtown.

Learn more about First Year Experience’s planning efforts for Orientation including the master schedules, resources, and a general timeline on the Orientation Planning page.

For 2020 we will utilize Microsoft Teams to host the internal Orientation schedules that are created for each session. 

  • Internal campus partners (@ucf.edu e-mail): In the coming weeks you will be added to the “FYE-Orientation” Team and from there you can access the files you need with schedules, to upload Powerpoints, etc. If you do not have Teams on your computer system you may be interested in requesting that program to be downloaded on your machine. You can also access Teams through the webmail (webmail.ucf.edu) or Office 365.
  • External campus partners (no @ucf.edu e-mail): In the coming weeks you will receive a link e-mailed to you to access the necessary Orientation folders through a web browser. You would save the unique links for future reference.
  • Teams Resources
  • Teams Frequently Asked Questions

UCF Downtown

The UCF Downtown Orientations are for UCF Downtown majors only and will take place downtown. Orientations are hosted at Main Campus and UCF Downtown on the same days. Students may want to change their majors between UCF Downtown and Main Campus, if that’s the case follow the notes below:

  • For a UCF Downtown Transfer student that changes their major during academic advising to a major outside of NSCM or CCIE, the student will need to reschedule their Orientation date
  • For a UCF Downtown FTIC student that changes their major outside NSCM or CCIE during Day 1, the student will be sent to main campus. If their desired major is still within NSCM or CCIE – they stay at UCFD.  If they change on Day 2, FYE work with the Success Coaches in First Stop to assist the student or identify next steps.