Orientation Campus Partner Updates

FYE strives to provide timely updates to Orientation campus partners. We know this results in lengthy emails where details sometimes get lost. The goal of this site is provide a resource for Orientation updates while allowing FYE to streamline email communication.

2019 Orientation Highlights

Thank you so much for a successful Summer/Fall Orientation season. Do you know how many students and guests we served throughout the Summer/Fall Orientation season?

  • 15,888 Students
    • 7,417 FTIC
    • 8,471 Transfer (including UCF Connect and UCF Online)
  • 10,144 Guests
    • 7,819 FTIC
    • 2,325 Transfer

We anticipate sharing the overall 2019 assessment results by the end of October and discussing plans for Summer/Fall 2020 towards the end of the semester. As we look to 2020, we encourage you all to make notes regarding this year’s restructured FTIC Orientation program for future discussions.

Visit our Assessment Showcase to learn about the impact of Orientation over the years.

2020 Orientation

Learn more about First Year Experience’s planning efforts for Orientation including resources and our timeline on the Orientation Planning page.

You can find the 2020 Orientation dates, for both Spring and Summer/Fall, on the right-hand side under “Quick Links,” for both main campus and UCF Downtown. The UCF Downtown Orientations are for UCF Downtown majors only and will take place downtown.


All Spring 2020 Orientation schedules can be found in the Campus Partner Toolkit on the right-hand side under “Quick Links.” If you need to make updates to your PowerPoints for the Spring 2020 Orientations, be sure it upload it by the established deadline. The Orientation PowerPoint template is on the Orientation Planning page.


Student Union Construction Update

The Student Union is undergoing a large-scale expansion in an effort to offer campus a state-of-the-art food court, meeting chambers, Student Government suite, permanent Reflection Room, conference room, and approximately 350 additional seats in a two-story food court lounge. This means there will be construction noise and impact on campus traffic until project completion in mid-2020. You can expect intermittent construction noise around the facility as well as the closure of the boardwalk between the Student Union and Memory Mall. There are still pathways open to the other boardwalks with directional signage to help patrons find their way. You are encouraged to visit the Student Union and see how the pathways have changed. Thank you for your patience while improvements are made to the Heart of Campus!