FTIC Overview

Orientation is required for all new UCF students. UCF’s Orientation experience provides information for all incoming students to be successful, both inside and outside of the classroom. As an admitted student for Spring 2023, you will be able to begin onboarding process/pre-orientation after paying your enrollment deposit. We are excited for you to learn more about UCF and prepare for your time as a knight!

Orientation dates for Spring 2023 admitted FTIC students:

  • Monday, December 12 – Tuesday, December 13
  • Wednesday, January 4 – Thursday, January 5


The Family & Guest version can be found HERE as well.


UCF Downtown is located in Downtown Orlando in the heart of the city. UCF Downtown places a strong emphasis on innovative technology to engage students in a 21st-century learning environment and houses the academic offices and numerous classes for the following majors:

  1. Communication & Conflict B.A.
  2. Digital Media B.A.
  3. Emergency Management B.A./B.S.
  4. Health Informatics and Information Management B.S.
  5. Health Services Administration B.S.
  6. Human Communication B.A.
  7. Legal Studies B.A./B.S.
  8. Nonprofit Management B.A./B.S.
  9. Public Administration B.A./B.S.

UCF's main campus has been home to the university since 1968. This campus is located in east Orlando and it's safe to say that it does not disappoint in natural beauty, so this is the place to go if you're looking to be one with nature for a while. Here, you can find 800 acres of nature from woodlands to lakes and even an arboretum. Overall, there's plenty of open space to help you feel just as fulfilled by your school both inside and outside the classroom.

Once you are admitted to the university, you are able to begin your Orientation experience!

  1. Start by clicking this link https://secure.vzorientation.com/ucf/default.aspx to create your Orientation account.
  2. Once you create your account, you will be greeted with your Task List: a list of action items that you need to complete before selecting an Orientation date as well as before you begin classes during the semester you were admitted for.

If you ever have questions about what you need to do before your Orientation session, you can always refer to your Task List, which you can access once you create your Orientation account. Your task list is a list of action items that you need to complete as a new student at the university. These items must be completed BEFORE you select an Orientation date:

  • TASK 01: Create Your Knights Email
  • TASK 02: Contact Information
  • TASK 03: Acknowledge that you will submit Immunization Records
  • TASK 04: Acknowledge that you will finalize Your Admissions File

Once these items are complete, you will be able to begin your Orientation reservation!

If you are receiving an error message while creating your Orientation account, it could be because of one of several reasons, or a combination of them:

  1. You might have recently been offered admission to the university and our Orientation database has not yet been updated with your information. this process can take up to two (2) business days following your admission notice and is done automatically.
  2. You might not have submitted your enrollment deposit yet. To confirm your acceptance to the university, all First Time in College (FTIC) students are required to submit an enrollment deposit of $200 through their Future Knights portal. Transfer students do not submit an enrollment deposit.
  3. You might have been admitted for a previous semester. If you were offered admission to the university for a semester that is not Summer 2022 or Fall 2022 and either did not enroll in classes or attend classes, you will have to submit a Term Change Request form. A Term Change Request form asks for clerical information about you, the original semester you were admitted for, and the semester you want to now start in. For more information about the Term Change Request form and process, reach out to Undergraduate Admissions at (844) 376-9160. Once you submit this form, it can take up to 10 business days to hear a decision from Undergraduate Admissions.

If none of these apply to you, please reach out to our office so we can further assist and troubleshoot. You are more than welcome to reach out to our office via phone (407-823-5105) or email (fye@ucf.edu).

If you have created an Orientation account, you can log back into it by going here: https://secure.vzorientation.com/ucf/signin.aspx.

We strongly encourage students to sign up for the earliest Orientation session that works for them! Additionally, we are releasing Orientation dates on a rolling, staggering basis. Once the session dates currently being shown in the accounts of students begin to fill up, we will release more. You are more than welcome to reach out to our office via phone (407-823-5105) or email (fye@ucf.edu) if you have any additional questions or concerns pertaining to dates and date selection.

We are releasing Orientation dates on a rolling, staggering basis. Once the session dates currently being shown in the accounts of students begin to fill up, we will release more. You are more than welcome to reach out to our office via phone (407-823-5105) or email (fye@ucf.edu) if you have any additional questions or concerns pertaining to dates and date selection.


Once you create your Orientation reservation, you will be able to refer to your Task List to see what needs to be completed prior to attending your in-person Orientation session! 

  • TASK 06: Complete the UCF Math Placement Test
  • TASK 07: Complete Pre-Orientation
  • TASK 08: Upload Your ID Card Picture
  • TASK 09: Meet Your Orientation Leader
  • TASK 10: Review the Before Orientation Reminders

During Orientation, students will do a number of things:

  • Learn about UCF's academic expectations and their responsibility for their own academic experience;
  • Become aware of UCF's institutional expectations;
  • Experience intentional social opportunities that will establish peer-to-peer relationships and ensure they know where to go to continue establishing relationships beyond Orientation;
  • Work with advisors and other academic college officials to plan out a class schedule and register for classes; and
  • Receive information on a variety of student services available to them as a UCF student

Of course! We offer an optional Family & Guest Orientation program for all family members, guests, or supporters who would like to attend.

The Family a& Guest Orientation will take place on the same day(s) and times as students' Orientation and provides family and supportive others the opportunity to learn from and ask questions of university staff and administrators, current students, and other families. In addition to the in-person Orientation, families will also have access to an online portal (similar to students' Pre-Orientation course) with campus resource content geared towards family members.

Registration is required and limited for this programming and can be done when the student is registering themselves for their Orientation session. Additionally, all attendees of the Family & Guest Orientation must pay their Orientation fee ($70 for FTIC sessions, $45 for Transfer sessions). 

Read more about the Family & Guest Orientation here: https://orientation.ucf.edu/parents/

For the best experience we recommend that you bring:

  • Photo ID
  • Umbrella
  • Notepad and pencil
  • Jacket or sweater (our spaces can get chilly!)
  • Any documents you need in order to complete any campus business or to discuss with your academic advisor

We also recommend that you wear comfortable shoes you can walk in – you’re about to have a busy day!

No overnight accommodations are being offered for First Time in College (FTIC) or transfer students attending Orientation at UCF. Students (and any family or guests who are attending the Family & Guest Orientation program) are responsible for arranging their own off-campus accommodations.

No. Guests (parents, siblings, friends, etc.) who are attending the Family & Guest Orientation program are responsible for arranging their own off-campus accommodations.

Students and families attending Orientation are asked to park in Parking Garage A, located at 12491 University Blvd, Orlando, FL 32816. 

Before arriving, make sure to put your Orientation Parking Permit in your car's dashboard. You are permitted to park on the second floor or above within the garage. This permit will be emailed to you one week out from your scheduled Orientation date. If you registered a family member or guest for the Family & Guest Orientation program as well, they will receive the parking permit in an email one week out from your scheduled Orientation date as well.

Yes! Meals are provided for all registered attendees, both students and family/guest members. 

At FTIC sessions, the following meals are included in your Orientation cost:

  • Day 1 - Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Day 2 - Breakfast and lunch


If you are an First Time in College (FTIC) student, you are required to take the Math Placement Test. We understand that some entering FTIC students may have already earned college-level math credits through accelerated options such as AP/IB/dual enrollment. However, as an FTIC student, according to the University Testing Center (who administers the test) and university policy, you must still take the UCF Math Placement Test. One example of why this is important is because it’s common for students to change their major after entering UCF. A student may change their major to one that requires higher level math at which time having taken the Math Placement Test will now benefit them. The only section required is the algebra practice test and algebra test. Students will not be required to retake any classes for which they have already earned appropriate college-level math credit. There are no exceptions and there is not an “opt-out” option.

We strongly encourage students who are interested in changing their major to do so PRIOR to attending Orientation. The reason being: we want to make sure you are meeting with the correct academic college and academic advisor(s) during your session and are registering for the correct classes pertaining to the major you want to pursue.

To change your major, follow the directions here: https://assets.sdes.ucf.edu/public/ro-assets/change_of_major_instructions.pdf

After Orientation, you should refer to your Task List to see what needs to be completed after attending your in-person Orientation session! 

  • TASK 12: Resolve Any Remaining Holds on myUCF
  • TASK 13: Complete Post-Orientation
  • TASK 14: Reminder - Finalize Your Admissions File
  • TASK 15: Experience Survey


Pre-Orientation is an online course with information to help you prepare for your transition to UCF and your official Orientation experience. It has sections on:

  • Academics at UCF
  • Knights' Campus Support
  • Knights Life
  • Money Matters
  • Knights' Rights
  • Your Next Steps

IMPORTANT: This must be completed at least three (3) business days before a student’s scheduled in-person Orientation session. Failure to complete Pre-Orientation in a timely manner prior to Orientation may result in needing to reschedule.

When you log into your Orientation reservation, you will see your Task List. Task 6 is related to Pre-Orientation and will have the link to access it. Please make sure to select STUDENT on the login page and then use your UCFID and Knights (the one ending in @knights.ucf.edu) to finish the process. If you are having any issues with your UCFID, make sure you are manually typing in the numbers rather than using copy/paste. You can then used your preferred name when creating an account.

Please note: your Pre-Orientation account is separate from your Orientation reservation, as well as myUCF.

If they are having issues logging in, make sure you have done the following:

  • Created a STUDENT account
  • Manually typing in your UCFID (not copying and pasting)
  • Using your Knights email account (the one ending in @knights.ucf.edu) to log in
  • If password related: you can reset it and the email will be sent to your Knights account.

If you need any additional help, feel free to reach out to our office via phone (407-823-5105) or email (fye@ucf.edu) - we are happy to help!