Orientation Campus Partner Updates

Updates for Spring 2019 Orientation

FYE strives to provide timely updates to Orientation campus partners. We know this results in lengthy emails where details sometimes get lost. The goal of this site is provide a resource for Orientation updates while allowing FYE to streamline email communication.

Presentation Accessibility Expectations:

UCF aims to be an inclusive campus and this begins at Orientation. Please research and implement the following recommendations as you update your presentations to make sure they are accessible for all students and their guests. In the Summer/Fall Orientations, these guidelines will be expected to be implement within all presentations:

FYE understands that you might not be familiar with some of these accessibility tips. Student Accessibility Services will be creating detailed implementation guides in the near future. Your department’s message is important; let’s make sure it is communicated to everyone. Have questions or concerns about your content? Please contact Student Accessibility Services for more information and resources.

Reimagining University Advising & Coaching (RUAC) Recommendation Implementation

As you may be aware, implementation of the RUAC recommendations will impact many units on campus. As it relates to Orientation, the task force recommended that the FTIC Orientation program be completely reimagined, given the impending changes to the FTIC student advising structure. Over the course of the upcoming year, FYE will be working diligently to create an FTIC Orientation program for the 21st Century to better serve our incoming FTIC students and their guests. FYE is committed to informing, inspiring, and empowering our campus community as these changes are implemented and will share widely as plans are finalized, which we anticipate will be in the spring semester. FYE is also committed to including impacted areas in the planning process so be on the lookout for ways to be part of the change. Thank you for your support!

For more information, visit the FTIC Orientation redesign page.

Transfer Information

  • Spring Transfer Presentations, due October 26, save as <PresentationName_TransferStudent> or <PresentationName_TransferGuest>: https://www.dropbox.com/request/LwpQ3vNxo1Ukzn6ipXXH
  • Transfer MASTER Schedule
  • Schedule changes:
    • SARC no longer presents to Transfer Guests
    • TTS is now hosting an Academic Overview for Transfer Guests to better inform our family members’ of their Transfer students’ academic transition into UCF.

FTIC Information