UCF Orientation Alert:

After considering the unprecedented situation of COVID-19, guidance from the state, and the health and safety of all, the decision was made to move Orientation sessions completely online. 

Learn more about what's happening: https://orientation.ucf.edu/whats_happening/

For more information about refunds, please see our refund policy: https://orientation.ucf.edu/about/refund-policy/

Summer/Fall Orientation Confirmation Packet

Welcome to UCF! We received your Orientation reservation and are excited that you chose UCF to pursue your college career! Please carefully read over the information below because it contains important Orientation information, including a short checklist of things to do before Orientation and what to expect.

Please note, that after thoughtful consideration, all students participating in 2020 Summer/Fall Transfer and FTIC Orientations will complete the New Knight Virtual Experience. The program will NOT include an in-person component, but you are still asked to be available the day of your Orientation event. You can learn more about what’s happening on this page.

Plans and processes for the online program are still being solidified, but we will rely heavily on university-wide technology to continue providing an engaging, interactive program. We anticipate coordinating a virtual experience for our Families and Guests in order to provide you resources and assistance as you support your students in their transition to the University.

We encourage you to download the UCF Mobile app from the Apple or Android Store.

Plan for Orientation

All content will be provided online, through virtual interactions and required modules hosted through Webcourses. This includes the advising components and course registration. Although Orientation will be completed remotely, you are expected to still be available for the entirety of your Orientation date/program. Please click here to learn more: https://orientation.ucf.edu/whats_happening/

✓ Complete your Virtual Orientation: The 2020 New Knight Virtual Experience includes virtual content provided through Webcourses you will need to complete prior to your Orientation event. We will notify you when it is available. More information can be found at https://orientation.ucf.edu/resources/virtual-orientation/.

✓ Submit your UCF Mandatory Health History Form: Submit this to the Student Health Center so you are able to register for classes at your Orientation session. For more information about immunizations please visit: https://studenthealth.ucf.edu/immunizations/

✓ Obtain your NID and UCFID: You will be required to know your NID and UCFID for Orientation. Your NID is an individual Identification Number that you will use to enter MyUCF and to gain access to your individual records, as well as search and enroll for available classes each term. The University assigns your NID and UCFID at admission. Your NID password is a series of characters chosen by the student. To obtain your NID and UCFID, go to http://my.ucf.edu and follow the instructions given.

✓ Sign up for a Knights email: http://www.knightsemail.ucf.edu/ to create your official UCF email account. Email is the official means of communication at UCF and you are expected to check this regularly. Prior to Orientation, UCF will send you communication regarding additional steps to prepare for your Orientation session.

✓ Gather appropriate documents: Have copies of transcripts from any colleges in which you have received credit and any test scores (ACT, SAT, CLAST, and AP) available during your Orientation session.

✓ Download UCF Mobile App and Follow FYE on Social Media: Make sure you download the UCF Mobile app from the Apple or Android Store. Also, find UCF First Year Experience on Facebook and follow us on Instagram for updates and reminders – @UCF_FYE