2021 Orientation Confirmation Packet

Welcome to UCF! We received your Orientation reservation and are excited that you chose UCF to pursue your college career. Please carefully read over each component of the your Orientation reservation confirmation.

Your Orientation experience has three steps: (1) Virtual Orientation through Webcourses@UCF, (2) a remote UCF Success Session, and (3) a remote Advising & Course Enrollment Session.  Below you can find an overview of each step in the Orientation experience, a checklist of things to do before you complete your Orientation experience, and what to look forward to during your UCF Success Session and Advising & Enrollment Session.

On the days of your UCF Success Session and Advising & Enrollment Session, there are presentations/sessions you are required to log-in to participate. Plan to be available at 8:30 a.m. on these dates, but please note the specific length of the time commitment will vary by your major. If you complete all Orientation requirements, you will be able to enroll in classes after meeting with your academic advising team during your Advising & Enrollment Session.

We encourage you to download the UCF Mobile app from the Apple or Android Store.

Step 1: Virtual Orientation Webcourse@UCF

Complete the Virtual Orientation through Webcourses prior to your UCF Success Session and Advising & Course Enrollment Session.

Step 2: UCF Success Sessions

Your UCF Success Session is an opportunity for you to learn more about being a student at UCF.

Step 3: Advising & Enrollment Sessions

Your Advising & Enrollment Session is your opportunity to get your questions answered about academics and register for classes!

Plan to be available at 8:30 a.m., but please note the specific time commitment and schedule will vary by your major.

Orientation Reminders

Are you prepared for your Orientation experience?  Review the reminders to make sure you've submitted the required documentation, you have all your materials together, and you are all set for your Orientation.