UCF Orientation Alert:

After considering the unprecedented situation of COVID-19, guidance from the state, and the health and safety of all, the decision was made to move Orientation sessions completely online. 

Learn more about what's happening: https://orientation.ucf.edu/whats_happening/

For more information about refunds, please see our refund policy: https://orientation.ucf.edu/about/refund-policy/

Placement Exams

Math Placement Exam

Every major at UCF requires at least one college-level math course; therefore, all Freshman students must take the Math Placement Test (MPT). The MPT is an assessment of math skills that students have acquired and is designed to determine proficiency level and placement for math courses.

Although the MPT must be completed no later than the Friday before the start of your first semester at UCF, we strongly recommend students complete the MPT prior to attending Orientation.

Students who have their MPT results available at Orientation will be able to receive assistance from their academic advisor to select the most appropriate math course. Students who have not taken the MPT by their scheduled Orientation date should expect a delay in registering for a math course at UCF.

Current and Transfer students who have not earned credit for MAT 1033-Intermediate Algebra or earned “C” (2.0) or better in MAC 1105-College Algebra at UCF, or another college or university will need to email mathplacement@ucf.edu to request access to the MPT (if eligible).

Please visit the University Testing Center website for information on the Math Placement Test.

For more information about the Math Placement Test, visit https://utc.sdes.ucf.edu/math/.

Chemistry Placement Exam

Students who require a higher-level Chemistry course in ANY year of study are required to take the Chemistry Placement test. You are allowed only one hour to complete this exam. You are not eligible to take this placement exam more than once.

To request access to this exam, send an e-mail to the Chemistry Department with your full name and NID using your Knights E-mail account. You will receive a login, password, and instructions on how to complete the exam. If you have questions concerning the Chemistry Placement test, please contact the Chemistry Department.

Students interested in majors that require CHM 2045C MUST take this test. For majors that require only CHS 1440C, the placement test is not required. CHS 1440C will not satisfy the pre-requisite for CHM 2046.